Design Project

Stay balanced

Stay Balanced is a school project I worked on together with a team of five. I had one of the roles as graphic designer and worked mostly on the logotype and the interfaces. Our job was to create a graphic profile for the concept. The team worked with the design process ”Design Thinking” which allowed us to iterate between three phases: Empathize, Ideate, Implement. Since Stay Balanced is all about yoga and meditation, we took inspiration in nature and soft shapes and colors. The idea behind the logotype was to incorporate a classic yoga position with the initials of the koncept, S and B. You can check out the mockups I put together for Stay Balanced down below. You can also watch the concept short film we made for the project.

Front end

Note & Notes

For the first programming course the requirement was to create a responsive website. I created a blog-like website and here my self-taught knowledge in HTML and CSS came in handy, which gave me the opportunity to create a website that I was happy with. I also took the photos and made the mockups.

Free lancing (Graphic design)


During my fourth semester I, together with a team of five, created the mobile and web based game Svampköping for the project Barn-på-sjukhuswebben (BPSW). We pitched our vision for Svampköping to the founder of BPSW who hired us during the summer of 2020 to make our vision reality. Svampköping is a concept of a serious game were kids can play mini games that are hospital related to feel less insecure and afraid for their next hospital visit. We produced all the graphics, sounds and story telling which is now sent to be programmed to a finished and playable game. My role in the team was graphic designer and illustrator. I worked on all the backgrounds together with another team mate.

School projects

Graphic design

You can check out some of the graphic design I’ve done as school projects down below.


Dynamic website

The second programming course the task was to create a dynamic website using PHP and SQL. I also designed the logotype which is a E and a B for Emma’s Books where the E also can be interpret as a book lying down.